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Christmas Challenges!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I can't believe that it is just a few days before Christmas. The new Covid guidelines have been released, and we are permitted to travel from point a to point b, and ten people only in your bubble. Now this takes some organizing.

How many steps to take to get prepared for now unexpected company, or are you leaving home to visit a loved one? All of this buzzing through your head, where do I begin? Complete the wrapping. Complete the baking. Wash the clothes. Pack the suitcases. Pack the car, or book transportation if you require a rental. This all takes organization and patience.

If I am your Mom or Dad or your Grandparent, think of the stress that is occurring. How can we help them out? Maybe you will make time to assist. But just think how great Christmas will be, different from before it and safe as we use our hand sanitizer and wear our masks on our journeys through takeout restaurants or gas stations.

So no matter what these weeks brings you, remember to take a breath and only one thing at a time. If you need an organizer to assist with the preparation, we will be here to talk things through with you. And in the new year, when all is said and done, perhaps a three hour Refresh of your space would be helpful. Get the tree put away and all the ornaments as you relax and give directions.

This year maybe is the year to review the decorations you used, what you need, what you can gift to others or discard or donate. I know my storage area is thanking me as i started that process again this year. Even my tree became smaller this year. May your holidays be merry and bright and may a covid free New Year be on its way!

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