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Safety is Number One!

Safety really is number one in anything we do. Today I had an opportunity to assist a wonderful lady who has had a major fall. Luckily she did not fracture any bones but she returned home and requires more help than she had prior to the fall.

We had a wonderful discussion and as we got to know one another. I noticed that there was a heating pad on her big chair that she liked to sit in. We chatted for a few minutes and I explained that electric heating pads are not really a healthy option. But if she followed some simple rules for heat she could make her decision on whether to continue to use it or not. The first rule for heat is no more than 20 minutes at a time. The next rule is no higher than low heat (as we get older our nerves to not provide enough communication to our brain as to when we are getting burned and by the time we do get the information it is already too late).

I went over to the heating pad and noted she had had it on high, So we turned it down. She is an adult and able to live at risk, she knows the risk related to the heating pad and can decide what she will do. The daughter was also there so enlightened her as well. Any heat or cold as we get older can put us at risk. No more than 20 minutes and not too hot. Third-degree burns have occurred when a person falls asleep on heating pads or even on the bags that go in the microwave. The other point in this story is that ice and heat should be wrapped and not go directly on the skin.

What a great day. She showed me a new tool she has purchased. A wrist blood pressure cuff. So easy to use and when we tried it out it seemed to be within the same results as her normal blood pressure. Amazing, We both learned something new today and that feels great. Make your places peaceful.

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